Since 1995 Gavin Lipjes has been intimately occupied with tracking the elusive African leopard. Initially as a field guide in some of Southern Africa’s epic wilderness areas, later as an amateur enthusiast, and with his specialist tracking hounds has assisted hunting outfits, scientific projects and cattle ranchers to reveal the cryptic movements of the African leopard.

The combination of an extensive time spent following in the footsteps of the secretive leopard and a wide exposure to deposited leopard scent across numerous environments has resulted in his hounds reputation for being one of the best bred tracking canines for this specialist task. 

The Bushveldhounds hounds are bred from a unique strain of scent hound,the renowned French Gascon Saintongeois, a true tracking hound breed with origins dating back to 1000AD. These hounds are selected for their immense tracking ability, determination, courage and intelligence. The Bushveldhounds have been constantly tested in some of Africa’s most challenging environments and their continued successes are testament to their efficacy.

A sincere team of man and hounds, passionate about tracking the sign and scent of the mysterious Panthera Pardus.