Xosha Leopard Hounds are a selectively bred scent hound specific to tracking, trailing and treeing wild felines 


Our Xosha Leopard Hounds foundation breed is the historical French Gascon Saintongeois which contributes an immense scent tracking drive, impressive bawl voice and hunt intelligence. The Gascon is further improved via an outcross to the respected American Black & Tan which adds the fundamental treeing instinct and determined trailing persistence. A slight genetic donation from the hardy American Catahoula to secure training and handling diligence and finally a dose of American Bluetick to enhance the chase and bay-up grit.


Over more than a decade, careful selective breeding has resulted in a specialised feline tracking tool dependable to confidently pursue the most elusive big and small wild cats. The Xosha Leopard hounds have been constantly tried and tested in some of Southern Africa's most challenging environments - from the Eastern coastal forests to the Western semi-arid deserts. Their continued successes are testament to their efficacy.


Our Xosha Leopard hounds are an extension of a deep passion for tracking and hunting companionship between Man and Canine.


Founded by Gavin Lipjes, whom since 1995 has been intimately occupied with tracking the elusive African leopard - initially as a field guide in some of Southern Africa’s epic wilderness areas, later progressing to a Professional Houndsman. By engaging the controlled work of his specialist tracking hounds he has for many years assisted hunting outfits, scientific projects and cattle ranchers to reveal the cryptic movements of the elusive African leopard.


Trained hounds are for sale to competent buyers - kindly contact us for more details.